Docinhos Brasileiros

Delicious sweets delivered to your house!

Perfect for every occasion.

Give in to your cravings!

Our Delicious Story

Brazilians have a sweet tooth, and we love to share – and that is our mission: to bring the country’s traditional sweets directly to your home.

Docinhos Brasileiros are perfect for every occasion: to celebrate a special moment, gift that special someone or to enjoy all by yourself!

Our Products

Made with love.

Own Production

All of our sweets are handmade in-house using the best ingredients.

Recycled Packaging

We use only recycled packaging - most of it is compostable!

Safe Delivery

We use our own drivers for delivery, following strict guidelines.


Milk chocolate with chocolate sprinkles – the traditional!


Sweet condensed milk covered in desiccated coconut.


Delicious dark chocolate shell filled with sweet condensed milk.


Half and half covered in confectioners’ sugar.

Salted Caramel

Defy the sweetness with the added touch of our own salted caramel.

Brigadeiro Cup

Spoon away our traditional flavour – best enjoyed by yourself!


Guaraná Antarctica 2L

Guaraná-flavoured sparkling soft drink.


Soft Drinks 2L

Coke / Fanta / Sprite


Brazilian Beer 330ml

Skol or Brahma


Other Products

Make your own docinho at home

Our kit contains a can of condensed milk, powdered chocolate and sprinkles (makes 12)


Pão de Queijo mix

Make your own Brazilian cheese bread


Brazilian Coffe 250g

Chose pre-ground or whole beans


Place your order.

Orders need to be placed with a minimum 48h in advance.

Happy Customers

Aren’t they sweet?

"Perfect for celebrating my kid's birthday!"
- Fernanda
"I shared with my colleagues at the office once, now I have to bring it every week!"
- Brian
"I treat myself to Docinhos every weekend!"
- Sarah